Monday, May 25, 2015

Snaps: If Tate Modern was Musee de la Danse

A brilliant idea, almost brilliantly realised - bringing dance inside the museum also meant bringing fun, surprise, a will to spend more time looking, a heightened awareness of our surroundings. I loved walking fast through the galleries to try and find butoh artist Ko Murobushi, and only finding his performance location thanks to a kind soul on Twitter, I loved dancing in the Turbine Hall, I loved listening to Antonia Francesci talk about Balanchine, Chrysa Parkinson getting her audience into a whirl by performing some Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker around her room, Frank Willens dancing and explaining Meg Stuart, Francois Chaignaud performing some 'free dances', and singing in a high falsetto. I loved the expo zero space, and particularly the guy jumping happily around, only wearing a t-shirt, no pants, who was blocking the exit door and got us so embarrassed. Can we have a #dancingmuseum more often, please?

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