Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eva Yerbabuena - Sadlers' Wells - review

Eva Yerbabuena, one of the best flamenco dancer in the world, opened the Flamenco festival this week end, with an interesting show, if a bit weird at times. She won the Flamenco Today prize three years in a row and the Spanish national dance prize too.

Yerbabuena is at her best when she is alone, dancing away, filling the stage of her great presence. Her footwork is amazing, so quick, so precise. The last scene, a solo of over 10 minutes, was brilliant.

There was a recurring scene of this contemporary ballet dancer, with a big white dress, dancing about to the singing of a solea. I failed to get the point, and it was the same in Eva's duet with guest choreographer Patrick de Bana. It was quite contemporary, a lot of arms, and stretching, and leaning but worked well. In a sense, that duet wasn't long enough, and I felt that he was underused. The same with one of her lead male dancers, who got a solo of about 2 minutes, wowed us, and then nothing else.

Oh I am sounding very negative, but these are really little remarks. Overall, a very good show!