Friday, December 08, 2006

McGregor at the Royal Ballet

The choreographer Wayne McGregor was named resident choreographer at the Royal Ballet on the 1st December.

Monica Mason, Royal Ballet director, said to her dancers: "You challenged me to find challenges for you, and this is what I have done". There has been no resident choreographer at the Royal Ballet since 1993, and, in the 75 years of the company, only 3 people had the job: Sir Frederick Ashton, Sir Kenneth MacMillan and David Bintley, who now runs the Birmingham Ballet. Big names, then.

McGregor is only 36. At 22, he was running his own dance troupe, Rambert Dance Company, with his own choreographic style: "
I have very long limbs, but no flexibility in the joints, and when I was dancing I made a style for myself that suited my body". He's also studied neuroscience, created art installations, directed operas...

His latest creation for the Royal Ballet, Chroma (pictured) was a big success, both among the audiences and the dancers themselves.

"It is a new world for the Royal Ballet".