Sunday, August 11, 2013

Re:Rosas - You Danst Rosas

I've mentioned it before, but I'd love for amateur contemporary dance classes to include the chance to learn well-known pieces of choreography, in the same way that a ballet class might teach you some pas de trois by Petipa or some riff on Bejart. Who wouldn't love to learn a bit of Pina Bausch for example?

Well Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker has kind of answered my call. To celebrate the 30 years of her work Rosas danst Rosas, she is teaching the moves of the piece's chair section online, and inviting us to film ourselves performing it and send her the results. 

From the first time I saw this work, I've always wanted to know the moves of this iconic section, and get hold of the music too. Well it's all on the Re:Rosas website, so pull up a chair and get learning! There are some great film submissions already to get you inspired.