Tuesday, July 03, 2007

ha la culture 2

So the Dali exhibition was really good. What a painter he is. So skillful, so detailed.
I enjoyed watching his collaboration with Walt disney studios, Destino. Haunting and not scary at all, as I was expecting.

A lot going on in the world these days... too much really. I feel a bit disconnected, but I am trying to finish off War and Peace this week, so no time for newspapers! hehe Found a very good restaurant near Victoria Park: The Empress of India. Highly recommend it. Their meat is always so well cooked!

Watched Claude Chabrol's Le Boucher on Sunday. What a movie! The characters are quite funny really... it is so 60s French you know... little village, the well respected 'directrice de l'ecole', smoking gauloises, 'no garlic with lamb! never!', the 'certificat d'etude', the 'dictee'... made me feel quite nostalgic! But really scared too.