Friday, July 06, 2007

Music and dance

Went to see La Vie en Rose yesterday. Great performance from Marion Cotillard! Mixed reviews: I was a bit moved, Michael not at all, and our friend Simone cried for the final 20 minutes. You?

Dancer Carlos Acosta is one of the best around. And he is hot. The Guardian wonders why he is not a bigger star. As some people say in the comments: maybe simply because he is a dancer, and dancers, male in particular, are just not that famous?

What is the future for music retailing? I wonder. The last CD I bought was a Miles Davis classic for £3... A good article on what is going on here in the UK.

And finally, Angelique Kidjo is coming to the Barbican in september! Am really really excited! Here is a vid of her live, singing Tumba, a song that always brings me up when I am feeling a bit low! So much energy. Might be the tune for my first dance at my wedding, but I need to check with Michael first...