Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pina Bausch - Auf dem Gebirge hat man ein Geschrei gehört

stage covered with soil
25 dancers + a brass band
a man in red pants, black shoes, red swimming cap, an elastic band over his face that squashes his nose, red sunglasses. he picks up balloons from his pants and blows them up until they explode, again and again. after 4 or 5 he stops blowing them too much and ties them up as one would.
a man lying on the floor, another man trying to put balloons under his body so he floats up, but some balloons explode.
a man and a woman chased by groups of men, and being made to kiss
a typical Pina walk dance, made only of flicking hands
a song about a hunchback ('bossu') and his wife, and somehow a turtle ('tortue') as well
a woman as a dead weight, being lifted by a man and moved energetically left to right so her arms fling about and hit another man
a woman, slowly walking down stage, back combing a piece of her hair, and saying "Pourquoi t'es pas calme? Calme-toi! Pourquoi t'es pas calme?"
a man yelling 'I want to kill! I want to spill blood!'
a woman walking slowly upstage, the auditorium gets very dark, the light is very dim. she wears a black dress, a black veil, we can't see her face. she carried a shovel and a chair. she starts burying the chair under soil
"la tete... comme ca! les jambes... comme ca! plantees! la taille hop la poitrine flack! tu meurs! tu meurs!"
song: parlez-moi d'amour, dites moi des choses tendres
25 spruces brought on stage, looking freshly fallen
a dancer singing, her long black hair being painted white with chalk by a man
a dancer in a black negligee running in circle, running, running, repeating an arm movement: right hand pushing the left to the side, then both hands coming back to her heart, then the right arm is flung forward as though she is trying to catch something. she then lies on the floor
someone who seems to be drowning
a woman chasing a man, who has her dress "why did you take it? give it back! why? why? give it back!". when she gets it back, he stands behind her and holds two chunks of her hair up (as though pulling it). she screams for a long time
double cartwheels
a dancer, bent down, her long hair parted forward so you can't see her face, dancing, lying on the floor, being marked with a slash of lipstick by a man
a man moving like he is playing drums, but the drum kit is actually four people's bottoms which he slaps
the male dancers running onto the stage like ballet princes, head high, one arm bent in front of them (hand to the heart), the other extended out, stopping and running on again