Monday, September 04, 2006

Paris 2

We have been pretty unlucky with Parisian Nightlife. On Saturday, we queued for a while but did not manage to get into the "River's King" boat, for the Supa Fresh night. Had we arrived 5 minutes before, we would have probably gone in. Obviously, a night with open bar until midnight, on a boat, taking you on a cruise on the Seine, and 2 dancefloors, was always gonna be popular. Yesterday, we looked for but never found the Mix Club, by the Tour Montparnasse. The guide said it was a huge venue, and held a popular gay night on Sundays. It turned out that we didnt look properly, and that this gay night was only once a month, so, had we found it, it wouldnt have been much fun in there!

Still, I managed to meet up with my friend Viviane. Hadnt see her for 3 years, but she said "It feels like I last so you yesterday!"