Friday, July 27, 2007

Famous in Sweden

Sorry, been a bit lazy/busy these past 10 days. But I'll try to make up for it today!

First, I am famous in Sweden! Kind of! My neighbour, the artist Tuija Lindström, filmed me rehearsing some flamenco steps in my patio and turned it into a video installation, which is shown as part of her exhibition Roman Road at the Galleri Sprinkler/Nasby Cafe in the island of Öland, a very pretty place apparently. Here is pic of the vid at the gallery.

Tuija Lindström, Benjamin Lalague. (Yoohoo! I am a muse!)

Tuija is a great photographer too, here is a pic shown at the exhibition. She's also done some great work based on flowers and photoshop. Unfortunately, she is moving back to Sweden at the end of August. :-(

Tuija Lindström, Blue Eyes

3 big ETA arrests, something we can only be happy about. A long article about how they did it in El Pais, which says it is the biggest blow to the terrorist organisation since 2004

I haven't written about it, but the Ballet Boyz gala at the Royal Festival Hall was really really good. Wayne Eagling's Duet (to the music of Wagner's Tristan and Isolde) was beautiful. I also loved the freshness of Five Brahms Waltzes in the Manner of Isadora Duncan. If those names sound off-putting, I am sorry, it's not intended! The evening was also very funny, thanks to the video links of the Ballet Boyz backstage. Read some reviews. A pic of Belinda Hatley dancing Five Brahms Waltzes

Went to my first Proms of the year on Tuesday, to listen to Verdi's MacBeth, which I really enjoyed. The director has a bit of a mad vision (the witches are gypsy girls), it had a lot of humour, which made easier to follow. I tried to watch the Orson Wells movie and had to stop, it was just so heavy. Here, as an opera, with Verdi's music, it was much easier to digest!