Saturday, September 16, 2006


Ana Torroja, lead singer of the major Spanish band of the 80s, Mecano, did a tour of 42 dates around Spain this summer to celebrate the 25th birthday of the band (no longer together) and to promote her album, Me cuesta tanto olvidarte, which includes 13 new versions of Mecano classics.

Apparently, the tour was quite a success. The last date, yesterday in Madrid, got a good review in El Pais this morning.

Dalai Lama, Hijo de la Luna, El 7 de septiembre, Mujer contra mujer... Mecano made it big in France as well, thanks to well translated lyrics and what a voice has la Torroja! I remember learning Un ano mas in my Spanish class when I was 13, and everyone asked the teacher to copy the song on a tape for us.

Tonight we are celebrating my sister's 35th birthday and 10th wedding anniversary. I am pretty sure Dalai Lama will be played at some point!!