Wednesday, May 13, 2015

C'est intéressant w/c 11 May 2015

Interesting, intriguing, exciting, amusing, enraging, fascinating things I recommend.

A podcast by Broadway producer Ken Davenport with Liz Furze, co-head of AKA agency's New York office. AKA are a major player in the world of promoting live entertainment, particularly big musicals and plays (and ballet! I work with their London team). This is a really insightful podcast on how they made it from London to New York, and Ms Furze is surprisingly candid about budgets and how her business is working.

Despite what most people are lead to believe, new ideas don't just appear out of nowhere. "Few people find great ideas on a blank canvas" says this article, which lists different sources to discover insights and help you think more creatively. Worth a read - I particularly related to the theme of 'questioning orthodoxy'!

The more one investigates the world, the more one realises it is based on exploitation. I don't do mani-pedis and I don't have the money for something that isn't a bike or public transport, so those two articles were gobsmacking but made me feel ok about myself. I read one about chicken farming and that, however, that sure opened my eyes. What to do? Only meat from the farmers' market now, I think. And less of it, too. (First world problems, I know)

Let your ears burn. 

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