Tuesday, March 10, 2015

C'est intéressant w/c 9 Mar

Interesting, intriguing, exciting, amusing, enraging, fascinating things I recommend.
Article: This is what it's like to go to jail for trolling (Buzzfeed)
It's not all silly pointless lists over on Buzzfeed... a sobering (!) report on two Twitter trolls who were sentenced to 8 and 12 weeks in jail for online threats.
“I thought in my head actually, that when someone sees something like that and they read it, they’re gonna complain … But you think, ‘This is Twitter’ – you don’t expect to be raided by nine police officers.”

Their song Sonsick made it into my list of 13 tracks of 2013, and it was probably the most played track on my Spotify in 2014. I just could not get enough of it. Their gig at the Village Underground was perfect - hot singers (sorry, can't help it!), awesome brass section, the album played in order with a sprinkle of new tracks. They are back in London in April at the Jazz Cafe: I have my ticket already.
Totally feeling this vibe. Bring on spring, summer, sunshine and more chances to dance.

I adore Tina Fey. 30 Rock was the only TV comedy I watched for about 6 years. It was so fast, clever, gobsmacking in some of its jokes, nothing else could compare. Finally, Tina Fey is back at the helm of a new series. I am only on episode 3 and I must say I am not liking it as much as 30 Rock. It's probably all the hugging and cute realisation talks at the end of each episodes that annoy me. But it has Jane Krakowski  in it, and got better with each episode (Ms Krakowski's character is of Native American origins: now that is a backstory with massive 30 Rock edge!), so I'll keep watching.
Speaking of Jane Krakowski, I must say there aren't many actresses I have enjoyed in three separate TV shows: she was the most hilarious in Ally McBeal, 30 Rock and now Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Lisa Kudrow was also good in Friends, Web Therapy and The Comeback. Not sure there are any others...

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