Friday, January 04, 2008

30 Rock - Muffin Top!

As I have already said, I loooooove 30 Rock, and here is one example of something that made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Actress Jane Krakowski plays the character of Jenna Maroney, an actress who works on TV and is gagging for fame and attention. Here, she sings Muffin Top, a 'euro-dance' track she recorded with a producer she dated and that is 'No1 in Israel and No4 in Beligum'! hahaha

The dance moves are awesome (check out the robot at the beginning!), copying the sexy R'n'B moves we see everywhere these days. And the lyrics... lord!! For reference, a 'muffin top' is the extra flesh that spills over the top of the waistband of low rise jeans. see picture below.

Everyone knows the most delicious part of the muffin is the top...
My muffin top is all that
Whole grain, low fat
I know you want a piece of that
But I just wanna dance
You're checkin' out my sweet hips
My sugar coated berry lips
I know you wanna get with this
But I'm just here to dance
So back up off of me
You're we-eee-eee-eirding me out
I'm an independent lady
So do not try to play me
I run a tidy bakery
The boys all want my cake for free.

Enjoy! and long live 30 Rock!

Oh no! they've removed the video! :-(
Come on! that was a great promo for the show!

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