Saturday, February 21, 2015

What made me cry during the final song of this concert?

Was it its minor key?

Was it its story of childhood memories, powerlessness, and sad resignation?

Was it because it came after two other sad songs - one written for a best friend who 'lost her battle with depression' ('you are a goldmine, you are a prize for winning!'), the other based on the last words of a coal minor, trapped underground and slowly losing air ('oh, how i love you Mary...')?

Was it because the earlier folk harmonies had taken me back to that summer we went mountaineering with dad, aged 14, and, deep in the Pyrenees valleys where the car radio wouldn't catch any signal, the only tape we had to hand was his bluegrass mixtape? (Mr Sandmaaaaan bring me your dreaaaammm)

Was it because I first heard that song six years ago, when it moved me then almost as much as tonight, but boy how things have changed in that time, and for the better, some dreams achieved, some fear gone?

Was it because it was really about a voice from the past, 'like an echo on the plain' that you hear when the night is at its darkest?

Was it because, beside me, holding my hand, my love was also crying?

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