Friday, October 04, 2013

LA Dance Project @ Sadler's Wells - 4 Oct - Thought review

'Thought reviews' are basically the thoughts that popped into my head while watching a particular dance work/evening. My partner just called the idea 'Distracted Review' - appropriate I think!
This time, the LA Dance Project's triple bill at Sadler's Wells.

First piece, by Justin Peck
Oh they are wearing trainers and normal clothes. I think this guy's t-shirt is from Topman. Do they have Topman in LA?
I'm enjoying this. It's very Jerome Robbins. I need to watch that Opus Jazz film again. This piece could work as a film actually. An Opus Jazz for LA?
The dancer on the left is CUTE.
I like the music. I need to find out what it is. [it's by Bryce Dessner]

Second piece, by Benjamin Millepied
Wow. (the set is a giant white on red STAY sign).What does it say on the floor? (On the floor, a giant sign 'Think of me thinking of you'). Oh that's nice. Maybe a bit cheesy but I like it. I should look for an image of that online and turn it into a goodbye card for when my friend moves to the States.
Is the music by Nico Muhly? [it's by David Lang]
Sigh. That was a lovely pas de deux.
I like how he lifts her and she is running backwards while he spins her.
This is inventive but I am not sure where it is going.
Do I actually only like dance works when I like their soundtrack? Am I not enjoying now this because I find the music a bit grating? Maybe I only like dance because it provides a visual stimulus that makes me stay more or less focused and listening to the music. So if I don't enjoy the music I don't enjoy the choreography and the dance. I am not very happy about this realisation.
End please.

Third piece, by William Forsythe
Yeah! Forsythe! I love those wheelie arms.
That man with the glasses is funny.
OK so it's going to be the same song played over again and again.
This reminds me of the crazy bit from Impressing the Czar. There's a bit too much going on.
What is this motor thing on the stage? Does it do anything?
I really wish someone would put on In the Middle Somewhat Elevated in London.
This reminds me of that one with all the pendulum they did at Tate a few years ago.
I find it annoying when a dancer flings himself to the floor only to get back up straight away. Why not stay on the floor a bit longer? Why the fall then?

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