Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Claire Danes dancing

Claire Danes is my favourite actress, I've loved her since My so-called life. I knew she had studied ballet before taking acting, but I didn't know she has recently been performing dance in New York.

She seems to be into contemporary ballet. A family friend of hers is the choreographer Tamar Rogoff (no clue who she was until now) who created a barefoot solo for Danes last year, and now put together this duo for the actress and her friend Ariel Rogoff Flavin (the daughter of Tamar!)

The piece was actually choreographed 17 years ago by their teacher, Tamar Rogoff (Ariel's mother), and has been adapted into a work called Edith and Jenny, in which the two friends interact with each other and with old images of themselves on screens, acting in their first-ever film roles.

It all sounds very post modern, I'll let you read a full review here. I am just happy my favourite actress has passion and character and is able to do exactly what she likes. There's an interview of her here.

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