Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Save the Blue Rigi!

The Blue Rigi, JMW Turner, 1842

Do you have a lot of money lying around? OK... do you have at least £5? Please help the Art Fund and the Tate museums to buy Turner's masterpiece The Blue Rigi, a view of the Rigi mountain from the Swiss city of Lucerne, at dawn.
I would be very grateful if you would help, because the Blue Rigi has been bought by a private foreign collector at auction last year, but the government has given the Art Fund until the 20th of March to raise the money to match the offer. Otherwise, they will grant the painting an export license, allowing the buyer to acquire the watercolour, and say "fuck off!" to the thousands (millions) of us who would have liked to see it on display in a big (and free!) museum.
Two other Rigi watercolours (the Red Rigi and the Dark Rigi) are already on display at the Tate Britain museum. A special exhibition with the three paintings together (for the very first time!) is on at the moment: do not miss it! and help us raise some cash to make this exhibition permanent by keeping the Blue Rigi in the UK!

The Red Rigi, JMW Turner, 1842

The Dark Rigi, JMW Turner, 1842


miguel said...

Hi, not being an usual blog follower I am rather pleased to have found yours. Congratulations. I found it thanks to your Mariza YouTube video. I was also at the concert and loved it. Finally, no I am not rich enough to buy the Turner, but i can certainly contribute.

Benjamin said...

Thanks miguel!
Wasnt that concert absolutely brilliant? I am so glad I was there!

miguel said...

Well I am Portuguese and I simply love her. She is great. I had already seen her at the Champs Elysees Theatre in Paris, but I think she gave more show here.